ACHO, from the project to the implementation!

BRIM has been working for the past three years on a new application, the ACHO project, an innovative project that will hopefully facilitate marketing survey and statistical studies.

ACHO Project

ACHO , the BRIM’s app project

The ACHO application can be installed on smartphones (Android or iOS) and/or tablets, it works with internet connection (wifi or other), the user receives survey questions according to his geographical location, age, gender, education level … they are targeted questions.

We have several categories of surveys including surveys that will help companies improve the quality of their products and/or services.

Surveys for the student community and university researchers are surveys that improve user’s confidence coefficient and help students and researchers advance their research.

The third category is a civic system to help improve the daily life of the community. Take a picture of a hole in the roadway, on a road, report a water leak, a wild dump, make objective comments about a restaurant, a store… . This category does not allow the user to earn money automatically, but gives him access to the development of his confidence coefficient, vouchers or other gifts provided by possible sponsors. Otherwise it allows users to feel useful in helping the civil community and the authorities to act against the degradation of our environment.

Benefits of this project :

For several years, in the field of market research, one of the major problems we had to overcome was the correlation: veracity – speed of the results of the study. With a country as large as Algeria, these studies took several months. With this new method the ACHO project involves several participants, throughout the territory, to contribute to surveys that could interest potential customers for market research and marketing research. This method has several advantages: speed of obtaining survey results, accuracy of responses, and reduction in the cost of the study.

How ?

Since the presentation of this idea to our market research team, we have prepared a base that served as a requirements specification for our group of developers who worked day and night for more than 11 months to be able to set up (lol) on Android and (iOS) the user versions and the web application which is the version dedicated to companies wishing to create, pilot and run their own surveys and studies. All these people are Algerians, have studied in Algerian universities and schools.

Who did it?

The ACHO community is a family of people from all regions of Algeria of different ages, levels of education, social levels… . We are aware of the difficulty that each project leader in Algeria encounters to know if his or her project could interest consumers or not. It is the role of this community to answer these questions (surveys) while allowing them to earn money, telephone credit, vouchers (or discount vouchers) …. This allows project leaders or even business leaders to have concrete answers with very interesting rates and especially in a record time.

How to use the ACHO application? 

The ACHO application is available on Play Store and the Apple Store, but like all applications that allow users to earn money (or even perform payment transactions) we must ensure that the information provided by the user is verified and verifiable.

To be able to use it, just send us on ACHO’s email:, your name, first name, email and phone number.

Why so much data for a simple registration?

Signing up to an application is so simple to do that there could be malicious hackers out there having fun creating a simulator with automated human navigation scripts on the application (or on the Web in general) for multiple purposes. These scripts, often called or as they are called robots are programmed to do repetitive tasks and cannot adapt to variable changes, this is why Google’s captcha service is used on many websites to ensure that its connections are initiated by humans. On an application we are obliged to be careful not to open these kinds of vulnerabilities, otherwise the reliability of the results will be questioned.

How to get remunerated? 

Initially, users who answer questions will receive telephone credit by points (1000 points = 1000 DA) and later, as soon as we are authorized to make automated money transfers, we will transfer money directly to their CCP or bank account (10,000 points = 10,000 DA). For this reason, the information must be confirmed; no user can benefit from these advantages if they give false information, the automated system (an API) will verify the veracity of the information provided (surname, first name, BIC) before carrying out any operation.

Where are users’ personal data stored? 

We value the personal data of our community. First of all, all our servers are in Algeria, protected by frequently updated encryption systems. All personal data is encrypted and is only used to identify the user in order to proceed with the transfer operation (or sending of promo code) in an automated way.

To what types of questions will you be answering?

The community is exclusively oriented towards economic and commercial information. Example: what brand of cheese do you eat? How many gigabytes of data do you use on your smartphone per month? What is the best brand of shampoo you’ve used?

No questions of a political or religious nature will be asked of the community. We give great importance to the respect of these rules.

Taking a picture of a water leak is an action that takes a few seconds of the user’s time but could help the services concerned to repair the leak as quickly as possible. The same goes for holes in roads, in a few seconds the user will contribute to the mapping of the holes to be repaired by the municipalities and authorities concerned. At the level of a shopping centre or a restaurant, a user can report a problem that will be directly transmitted to the managers of the shopping centre, which will enable them to improve their service.

Average ACHO usage time per day :

All our surveys are done in such a way that the user spends a maximum of 3 min per day (in the extreme case for research proposed by university students we can go up to 7 min) but in all cases the user is informed about the number of seconds each question takes but also the score (the number of points).

What if the user decides to quit the application and asks us to delete his/her data? 

All users are free to leave the application, all their personal data will be permanently deleted. But if the same user wants to reintegrate the community, all counters will be set to 0 (confidence coefficient, score…). But what should be emphasized is that all his answers to the surveys will remain the property of ACHO since the user has agreed to monetize them. On the other hand, we will delete: his name, first name, date of birth and email.

 What are survey responses used for? 

It all depends on the questions; some answers from users will be used to guide business leaders in making decisions in the short and medium term, such as whether or not product packaging is suitable or not? Other answers will be used by marketing teams to improve their communication, the efficiency of their distribution channel, prices and the quality of products and/or services.

why we do market research?

Why we do market research?

Some of the answers can be used by public services to take decisions such as repairing water leaks, holes in the pavement, defects … these are information that we will offer to public services to improve conditions in our neighbourhoods and cities. These data will help improve the quality of life of our citizens. This is part of the ACHO community’s spirit of mutual aid. On the same basis, community members will benefit from discounts on training, market research prior to the launch of their project or otherwise. In all cases, the user will be a winner.